Dushasana vesham in Kathakali

Portrait of a kathakali artist in dushasana make-up
Kathakali artist in dushasana make-up | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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84 Replies to “Dushasana vesham in Kathakali”

  1. Every culture has those aspects related to the fantastic legends and myths!
    They have always been the focal points and the most interesting of my travels… but I have not ever had the good fortune to observe from behind the scenes, the preparations, rehearsals, the makeup and costumes!
    Now I can only browse when the orchestra or my children will “warm up” before playing their instruments….
    :-) Is always exciting, but no special makeup, no tribal costumes…
    Thank you for Joshi for showing us everything!
    :-) claudine

  2. Wow! Your pictures always take my breath away man…fantastica! I should surely look you up on my next Kerala trip :)

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