Portrait of actress Amala Paul

Portrait of Indian actress Amala Paul smiling
Actress Amala Paul | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Find out more about Amala Paul on Wikipedia. Image taken for Silverscreen.

108 Replies to “Portrait of actress Amala Paul”

  1. If u r taking a picture then she needn’t be an actress…or even a model…she could be anyone and still have a stunning profile… beautiful. :)

  2. Beautiful photo of a beautiful woman! I love Bollywood stars and I am not a movie buff or anything, but the Indian beauties, male and female, go way beyond stardom in so many ways.

  3. Very pretty picture. As a biology researcher we dread her. She is an animal lover of great repute. Nice to see her in picture.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the “like”. As soon as I saw this photo I said out loud, “she is beautiful”.
    Your work is amazing!

  5. I have to say after watching more pics of her via search, her smile is too good and eyes talkative. Now coming back to this image the light is too good and Josh you captured very well. Thanks for sharing.

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