Portrait of a lady from Jaisalmer

Black and white portrait of an old woman from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan
Lady | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

138 Replies to “Portrait of a lady from Jaisalmer”

  1. Interesting portrait. Is there sadness in the eyes, resolve, contemplation, I wonder. Would love to know her story.


  2. Magnificent portrait Joshi. I can feel this woman’s presence just viewing the image. Beautiful! Have a wonderful week! Robyn

  3. …and smiling it says ” I know what life is ” …u make meanings before you click Daniel … and its always a pleasure getting an opportunity to see your work !!

  4. Such a face with so many contrasts, sometimes hard to find in a model. Beautiful picture, a picture with a story behind its models face.

  5. gotten married in Jodhpur and so the beauty of this picture stands out more for me…. amazing clicks :)

  6. Provokes to confusion. There’s cultured pain in her face, and peace with it .. how do you capture it – its exquisite Joshi Daniel!

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