An endearing smile

Black and white portrait of a beaming old man holding an umbrella from Kumta in Karnataka
Beaming old man | Hegde, Kumta, Karnataka, India

98 Replies to “An endearing smile”

  1. How do you manage to find such professional models? :D :D All I mean to say here is that this uncle jee’s smile is so natural and beaming that it could surpass a professional models smile any-day :)

    Perfect click one more time :)

  2. There’s something so subtle and inviting about this photo: the quietly joyful, gentle face coupled with the strong hand and arm, walking in the rain under the canopy of an umbrella. What you’ve caught is “the ineffable” that goes beyond verbal description. Thank you once again.

  3. His smile is so contagious it broke through the really bad day I’m having. You have a gift, it’s amazing to see it captured. :)

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