Feet of a Kathivanoor Veeran Theyyam performer

Feet of a Kathivanoor Veeran Theyyam performer
Kathivanoor Veeran Theyyam | Kannur, Kerala, India

Read more: Theyyam | Kathivanoor Veeran theyyam

100 Replies to “Feet of a Kathivanoor Veeran Theyyam performer”

  1. Beautiful colors together. The hand and the feets, beautiful motiv. The light, beautiful.
    Joshi, you have beautiful eyes too see with.

    Hugs from me, Marie

  2. Great colour.

    It’s funny, most of my feet shots are also made during special events. In my case, it’s during weddings. The bride wants pictures of her painted toenails, special jewellery or her fancy shoes.

  3. wow !! it explains it all why you are who you are !! A class beyond !! Daniel ur captures behave like models ready to be clicked in the rightest possible pose !! amazing work !! each time i visit the dark heaven .. i leave with inspirations to think out of the box in my field !! keep inspiring !!

  4. This is very much a documentary shot in the mode of “National Geographic.” These are details that many would have overlooked. Thanks for the links for explanations of these performers and this dance. Again–and as always–great work, Joshi. Your photography is a real treat to see.

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