Guarding lives from dawn to dusk

Silhouette of a lifeguard sitting at Kovalam beach in Trivandrum
Lifeguard | Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

133 Replies to “Guarding lives from dawn to dusk”

  1. Absolutely excellent. The sky has ‘ooomph!’ power and the silhouette of the grass has a vulnerable delicacy about it because of the human element. Absolutely love it, very well done.

  2. Your blog is amazing as usual. Vivid images and colors I like. Portraiture at its best. Thanks Joshi for visiting my blog, sorry for disappearing from the net for months! BW Bears are back. See you soon.

  3. Reblogged this on I Shutter at the Thought! and commented:
    Today, I am putting in a plug for one of my absolute favorite photographers of people and faraway places: Joshi Daniel. If you have not seen Joshi’s work, you are missing out on some of the finest “this is life” portraiture I know of. He has an amazing talent for capturing people as they are. Each of his images conveys a story that is both remarkable and real.
    I hope you will click through and check out his blog. Enjoy!

  4. The simplicity of this photo is just perfect to add to the mood and intensity.
    Wonderful colors and a sharp and detailed silhouette. What a great combination. Super work, Joshi.

  5. The more I look at the picture, the more alive it becomes! It feels as if the sky is moving and you almost expect the man to move as well… but he stays put. It is patience magnified. Amazing picture :)

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