The life ahead

Black and white portrait of a bearded old man from Trivandrum, Kerala
Bearded old man | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

88 Replies to “The life ahead”

  1. Beautiful portrait. Great details, and out of focus areas concentrate the viewers eyes in the right place. Tells its own story and asks many questions.

  2. I think your highly elusive subject makes for an amazing portrait, especially because it’s a side profile which conceals more than it reveals. : )

  3. Very well captured and captioned. It speaks so much of the old man’s age and thus his past experiences. And then there’s the journey still left ahead…one of your best shots.

  4. Your portraits of people are always superb. I love seeing the faces of other parts of the world which you present and share. It gives a strong human connection across the many miles to see these real expressions, faces and occupations. Makes the world more interesting!

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