Attitude is everything

Black and white portrait of a an old man from Fort Kochi in Kerala, India
Old man | Fort Kochi, Kerala, India

129 Replies to “Attitude is everything”

  1. he looks sad, like accepting the innevitability of something…wonder what is going on on his mind,. thank you for giving me this time of reflection :D

  2. Thus we remember that photography is a young art (all things relative) and one that at the beginning was very striking, to the point people felt the need to invent all kinds of attitudes toward the objective pointed at them. It’s as if this very old man remembers the first days of photography.

  3. The lines on his face
    The depth of his eyes
    Talk of a million Things
    He would have seen in life
    What is he brooding about?

    Great Shot :)

  4. Wonderfully Captured….Those eyes, wrinkles, that expression…too good. But I am not able to understand the link between the pic and the title you have used, “Attitude is Everything”

  5. Another impressive portrait Joshi. I really like your use of light. Also your choice of model for your post title (or perhaps it was the other way around), seems appropriate.

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