Peanut seller

Peanut seller on a rainy day at Trivandrum in Kerala, India
Peanut seller on a rainy day | East Fort, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Always wanted to post something shot using the mobile phone camera.

143 Replies to “Peanut seller”

  1. The Joshi effect is so much visible in the pic…..
    Fantastic and its gr88 to see a normal pic with an unimaginable touch…

  2. Nice, Joshi…there is something endearing in a photo that enshrines invisible men and women on streets…perhaps made more beautiful because it was shot on a mobile! The colors are soft and soothing…

  3. Wow…Kerala is indeed lucky to receive the rains already…and the shot is simply cool!! Love these roadside munchies esp on a nice rainy day :-)

  4. Love the dated feel of this… scary how cell phone pics, while lacking technical capabilities, can still capture the essence of a moment like this. Of course, it all comes down to the person doing the capturing – if you can see it, you can capture it, no matter what the tools at hand. And you can see it.

  5. This is a man who is a hard worker. It s not easy to work out in the rain like that.
    The photo is good. It has a misty feel but I don’t think the clarity is the best. I’m sure it ws fun to use the mobile phone.

  6. No matter what camera you use, your eye will make the composition and this one is beautiful. A bit sad because he has to sell his peanuts while its raining. Great color toning!

  7. Beautiful… I am tempted to get inside the pic and buy some peanuts and eat.

    Rainy days and mystical, majestic India.

  8. I like his setup, especially the inbuilt umbrella for the many rainy days, no doubt! He must live nearby, having only those four wheels. Good capture, joshi and, yes, cropping is allowed!

  9. I love the colours, the subtle tones give the image an air of intensity that match the peanut sellers pose. Nice!

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