Perfect poise

Silhouette of a tourist girl from Kovalam beach in Kerala
Silhouette of a girl | Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

140 Replies to “Perfect poise”

  1. तुम मग्न समंदर को निहारने में
    बेखबर इस हकीकत से
    सारी आँखें तुम्हें निहार रही हैं

  2. This is so powerful an image! The captured pose, the choice of b/w treatment, the athmosphere (busy sea in what seems a quite evening)… Excellent.

  3. Beautifully composed, the angles of the silouette and the softness of the waves, beautiful lines.. excellent work. It really speaks to me and makes me wonder.

  4. the confident pose .. she looks so sure of her femininity the background is perfect too.. the atmosphere calming.. nice moment captured in its true essence

  5. Amazing silhouette!! And a perfect contrast with the background.

    Just curious, which camera do you use? :)

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