Be gentle

Girl holding a flower
Girl holding a flower | Maharashtra, India

142 Replies to “Be gentle”

  1. well, I am not finding it gentle–the nails are curved and strong and the wrinkles in the hands prominent–the photo is more akin to a sleek lioness holding her cub. The gentleness in this pic appears as a wanton decision, a very conscious choice rather than an inherent trait…(at least to me:)

  2. loved the composition…the flower looks so gentle but I feel the nails do take away a part of the delicateness…..

  3. It’s interesting to see this…the lower half of the picture seems to have a gentleness in the breeze flowing through it and the upper half, a firmness of the hand quite the contrary.

  4. a firm hand yet holding the small flower gently … nicely done.. the breeze adds more to the meaning…

  5. This is a lovely shot, Joshi. Seeing it, you can anticipate that the flower will soon be picked, and the title is nearly like the voice of that flower. Now we wait to see what happens. Will it be a caress or will that flower become part of a bouquet?

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