A new beginning

A bride with bouquet
Bride with bouquet | Kerala, India

Happy New year :)

182 Replies to “A new beginning”

  1. This is an imaginative shot and the selective colors bring the intended focus of the photo right to the front. The colors add cheer in these winter days when everything is either brown or brown.

    Best wishes for 2012, Joshi. I look forward to following your photographic journey this year.

  2. Joshi, this is just outstanding! I love the blue tones and how vibrant her bouquet of flowers is in this shot. I never realized how many New Year weddings there were until I happened to walk by a couple of them on New Years day. All the best to you for this 2012!!

  3. Does the new beginning mean more colour work from you…fantastic!
    I know weddings are cliche, but this one is dreamy and well conceived. I like it! Happy New Year 2012 to you!

  4. A beautiful portrait that opens here is very wonderful, showing us a man who has probably had a hard life and lived a long time, and yet with a most engaging smile that takes us in and warms the heart !~

  5. Hi Joshi, Long time, But I see all your work delivered to my mail, so not far.
    I Love this shot for sheer brilliance in creativity, which would otherwise be a mundane occasion.

  6. Hi, mr.joshi ur photographes never fail to rock.im learning to be a photographer nd this is click of urs is amazing how did u get this effect sir simply superb

  7. i-Josh, I thought you were on my IndiBloggers Network! Damn! U weren’t! added you today. for this pic above? Nothing more defines better the beauty of roses. just amazing.

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