A new beginning

A bride with bouquet
Bride with bouquet | Kerala, India

Happy New year :)

182 Replies to “A new beginning”

  1. I was waiting for it… I mean i was looking for your new year post then i thought maybe you were too busy/drunk to post anything.. but here you are with a Click So Magical that one could find whole world in it..

    Superfantastically Amazing..

    Your pics are not just clicks, they speak for themselves.. sometimes more expressive than a human being!

    Wish You A Very Happy New Year, Sir!

    God Bless! :)

  2. Daniel thank you very much, happy new year 2012 with you, you start with beautiful colors, these colors reflect your own country….

  3. Wow, what an amazing shot.. tells a lot bout the event, the future n the rosiness :)

    As usual a very lovely shot Josh :)

    Here’s wishing u n urs a fabulous n prosperous New Year in 2012..

    Happy New Year Joshi :)

  4. Now isnt that just perfect!!
    With such softness yet beauty you captured it.
    I am always at loss of words..the roses are captured with such brilliance..petal by petal!
    Happy New Year!

  5. u ended the year with a magical one …a perfect pic…. and all high hopes to see more magical images from you.. keep rocking throughout the year :) mwah monkey

  6. Joshi, I wish you a very happy new year and best wishes for you and your family in 2012!!
    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photography in 2011!


    Great shot, a real new beginning! Nice effect of the colors!

  7. Really well done Joshi ! Symbol for 2012 with progress in the world but at the same time hopefully more peace among people !
    Nice with tehe red colour in the middle ! Today I took some pictures in a frosty landscape . Welcome to visit !
    Happy New 2012 with a lot of Photografy !

  8. Always such beautiful, powerful and moving images. I love your
    dedication to your craft which you continually show us. Magnificent
    photo of this beautiful bouquet. Happy New Year to you, dear Joshi,
    and may opportunity knock on your door, all year long !!~

  9. So soft and elegant :)
    A Happy New Year to you Mr Joshi,thanks for shareing your lovely pictures to all of us through 2011.
    mariehugs :)

  10. A great way to start the new year Joshi! Love the blue color shades with that bright red bouquet catching the viewers attention. A happy new year to you and yours!

  11. beautiful and well angled… the rule of third if applied points to the direction of your interest… just kiddin. Happy new year of offbeat clicks…

  12. wow…this has to be by far one of the best clicks I have seen…it fills you with its softness…a fantastic glowy start to the New Year….
    Happy New Year Joshi:-)

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