Shadow of a smile

Black and white portrait of an old man from Tamil Nadu, India
Old man | Pallathur market, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India

139 Replies to “Shadow of a smile”

  1. कैमरे को देख मुस्करा उठा
    कोई मुझे भी पहचानेगा अब
    यह सोच मन खुश हो उठा

  2. Simply brilliant, Josh! The wrinkles on the forehead and around the twinkling eyes show the extent of life’s experience, in all its variety. The mild smile seems to be tentative because of so many uncertainties of life. Yet the spirit of the man, with the well-trimmed moustach, seems to mischievously teasing life, saying, ‘Chal, mein bhi dekh loon tu kya karega!’ A perfect picture of a ‘beaten but not vanquished’ face. Keep it up and godbless you.

  3. His lined forehead, disheveled but still thick shock of hair,his sunken cheeks n all have been beautifully captured by you. But it is his eyes that one immediately notices.Truly a wonderful capture :)

  4. I guess is that what is most enthralling for me is that, although I became accustomed to your powerful and compelling portraiture style, each new image manages to surprise me. Congrats.

  5. You know I am bit confused. The more I stare at his face…the more I imagine the smile to be widening and his eyes glinting…
    Yes I was staring a lot!
    Perfect click…beauty and the essence of his character, all are visible in his eyes and tht genuine smile. Above all, the wringkles! Each one of them has a story to tell…
    U make me realize that every person has a beauty to it….sometimes we need to rely on such pictures to respect that.

  6. a very unique smiling face.. u always manage to bring out superb expressions in your pics :D really good thendi :D

  7. Your silver effects are always well fitted to your BW portraiture.

    About that smile; at first glance he appears to be a quiet soul who has endured much suffering. A second look; however, with greater focus on that smile and the glint in his eyes suggests to me a personality of lifelong confidence and charisma.

  8. Joshi, you do a wonderful job of capturing some thought-provoking portraits. I wonder what this man’s life has been like, what he has experienced, and what his thoughts are. His smiling face projects a sense of graciousness that is so appealing. Nicely done.

  9. How do you do it?! Another great piece! I hope to aspire as you one day with my photography. I’ve been having a great time following your blog and admiring these beautiful pictures. You really must let us in on your digital darkroom process. Great job man!

  10. That’s wonderful! He seems to have a quite calm about him – a very contented smile with wrinkles and lines that seem to hide a lifetime full of knowledge!

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