Lost in a dreamy world

A girl standing near a coconut tree in Villingili island in Maldives
Azhath Rushdy | Villingili, Maldives

160 Replies to “Lost in a dreamy world”

  1. Brilliant composition. Stunning blue color. I would to see it in black and white as well. Look forward for more.

    No wonder you were absent from the blogosphere.

  2. As usual nice pic, Josh.. somehow the topless (:)) tree kinda adds a shade of somberness to an otherwise beautiful pic.. that kinda gives layers of meaning to the pic…

    Great perspective, Josh!!! :)

  3. Superb! The clouds gathering around the tip of the leafless coconut tree, and the figure standing at the base, as if watching someone arriving signifies ‘a new beginning’ to me.

  4. Wondrous composition…if peace and tranquility can be captured…this would be it :) one of your best pictures for sure! Awesome work bro!

  5. I dunno why but I don’t think this is one of your best shots though its good… I’ve been keenly watchin your pics for few months now and I find the top a bit cramped up.. and the lady bit underexposed especially when the tree isn’t… also I’m not sure if you editted the pic for more cyan-ness but I like to see more blue than cyan in my pics… then again, its not my pic, its yours… and as I said, It’s good. Rishi

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