Master of the house

Chandramodi Chettiar sitting at the courtyard of his Chettinadu Manision
Chandramodi Chettiar | Chettinadu Mansion, Kanadukathan, Tamil Nadu, India

Chettinad, a place in Tamil Nadu state in India is famous for its mansions, temples and its exquisite cuisines.  Chettinad is the home land of Chettiars, a community of wealthy business and banking people.

86 Replies to “Master of the house”

  1. Fantastic portrait, my favorite color, “India Blue” :) And this kind of family history, of wealthy landlords, “exquisite cuisines,” mansions, temples, and culture everywhere, how I love it….

  2. Thes fat and rich people for one side…. all the 99% of hungers for the other side of India …. (The white Tiger – Aravind Adiga, Pullizer prize- very good book!!!! :-))

  3. Joshi,I think ‘Mugavari’ film and Rajiv Menon’s film ‘Kandukondaen kandukondaen’ were mostly shot in this Banglow.U did a Nice Click as well.Keep posting pics often and in 2.Bye.

  4. J’aime l’environnement de la prise de vue avec les colonnes qui rythme agéablement cette composition, un joli portrait !
    Bon week end et félicitations

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