Filling the emptiness

Black and white portrait of an old man with spectacles smoking beedi
Old man smoking beedi | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

102 Replies to “Filling the emptiness”

  1. I like the eyes and the reflection in the glasses.. its like he’s worried of something and you can see it in his eyes and glasses :)

    Brilliant perspective, Josh!! :)

  2. Joshi, you do a really great job with your portraits. You are able to capture some evocative moments and expressions. It’s always interesting to wonder what the lives of these people are like especially when their faces have so much written on them. Very nice work.

  3. Oh boyyyy!!! What an amazing capture!! And considering the most recent poem I wrote, this one has even more significance than normal… Brilliant!! The beedi’s crackle is sooo real, and so is the glint in the man’s eyes..

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