Far away destination

A rajasthani woman walking with a basket on her head
Woman carrying basket | Rajasthan, India

115 Replies to “Far away destination”

  1. Wow… again something great…
    i m in love with ur pics…
    can I have the privilege to have some pics, caz wanna write on that theme… ???
    for example… this one…
    कुछ छोटी-बड़ी लकीरों को काट-छांट
    उस छोर से इस छोर तक का
    सफ़र निभाया है सिर्फ कुछ ख़ास सोचकर…

  2. A great balancing act and to get this photo you must have been worried about the same balance with your camera. Beautiful detail and there is
    a wonderful flow to the walk of the woman which amazingly keeps on
    flowing as you view the photo. Brilliant work.

  3. why try to explain a beautiful photograph in few words…… language is an evil handicap which has taken over our imaginations. Thanks to you it survives yet…..nice clicks (btw i in no way meant to demean it by saying “clicks”) :P

  4. What a marvelous capture, Daniele! I am loving it. I wish I had this picture framed “life-size” and kept in my sitting room. :)

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