Art Nude

Black and white fine art nude
Nude | India

78 Replies to “Art Nude”

  1. For some reason, it looks flatter than it is… May be because of the blur and light or because of the (camera) left nipple…
    I have liked all other nudes, not this.

  2. Very nice. It’s art of making the nude shots looks good and beautiful. Not everyone can work that out.

    For me I guess the light could have better to work on the shadows.

  3. Hey Dan,

    Awesum usual :)

    I like ur pics cos they hv a certain character about them – they just aren’t limited only to the obvious; its the lil quirks that make the pics perfect.

    Similarly, here the nipples add that depth, dimension and character to an otherwise normal pic. Also, the slenderness of the neck has been captured well adding that layer of feminineness to the model, besides the obvious.

    Great lighting, great perspective and great character.

    Awesum pic, Dan.


  4. its there a common saying are there among people about seeing nudity. But i believe good or bad depends on our view.

    hats off to ur camera, light which make the beauty more beauty, the model…finally big applause to u for the click

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