Eyes full of questions

Black and white portrait of a young boy from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Young boy | Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

109 Replies to “Eyes full of questions”

  1. nice pic
    this reminds me of a pic of a girl frm kashmir i had seen 3 yrs ago.she had lost her parents in a local firing. i could see the anger i her grey eyes. brought chill inside

  2. There is so much of innocence in his eyes, and I don’t know as to how I am saying this..I see intelligence also..great shot Stranger,can’t wait to see all this live now..

  3. Every time I see your clicks…I can’t help but marvel at your creative and intelligent mind! keep it up!

  4. Good portrait bro..
    Jaisalmer is always great destination for people shoot..
    i think eyes r bit 1 stop more sharp.. but indeed good shot !!


  5. Le nez qui coule.
    Les yeux très attentifs.
    Ton cadrage posé sur cet enfant est tès réussi.
    Une photo captivante et un témoignage simple de la vie quotidiènne…

  6. Nice click!!!

    It is title of the photograph that describes it….

    One suggestion: Next time when you put a new photograph, don’t write the title for it and let the viewers describe it….it will be more fun!!!!

  7. There are sometimes in the eyes of children the seriousness of those who know! The innocence that we lose by becoming adult deprives us of that sharpness! An image terribly insightful!

  8. Superb image! Even though the boy has a great sadness in his eyes, and even he looks fragile and lost, I can see a great determination and strength in his eyes. A masterpiece portrait, really brilliant!

  9. Amazing!…He really looks with questions on the person who capture a picture of him…look at his eyeballs..one can see a world in it and also a person standing before him..nice

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