Raktha Chamundi Theyyam

Raktha Chamundi theyyam
Raktha Chamundi Theyyam | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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90 Replies to “Raktha Chamundi Theyyam”

  1. Wow, u bought the temple festival outside the temple :)

    As usual, amazing pic, Dan!!

    The color, the vibrancy, the excitement, the nostalgia, the mystery… Amazing bro!!!

    Truly Thi thi thaaro, thi thi thai!!!


  2. What an amazing picture! With proper ligthing you have captured the colors in an extraordinary way. As some say photography is not about taking pictures, it is about “action” at the appropriate moment and time which requires skill.

  3. What a stunning photograph! Couldn’t take my eyes off the bright colours and ornaments on the dancer! If I’d stared any longer, I’m sure he’d have leaped right off the page!

  4. You capture India like no-one does! I need to learn a lot from you… Good to know that you too are from Mumbai… Awesome photography… the pictures speak, they have a language of their own and it is indeed beautiful… I love the monochromatic as well as polychromatic shades of your photographs… You are a master photographer who creates art through his work! Keep clicking and delighting/inspiring people!

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