Pensive mood

Pensive black and white portrait of an old man form Mcleod Ganj
Old man | McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

111 Replies to “Pensive mood”

  1. i think ur lucky to have come by this man .. he looks so sweet at the same time looks like a man who seen n done a lot is now tired .. may b he is thinking over the times .. nice one :)

  2. Fantastic snap! Her wrinkles are well etched out in this cap and her emotionless face adds beauty to the frame! Another signature Joshi photo!

  3. I like that his turned towards his past (left) that is in the light when future (right) is in the dark, the play of light is superb, along with his intense absorbed expression, Joshi.

  4. The “light” and the “no light” are so strong in the picture, made me think of the Yin-Yang – where Yang is the element of light and Yin the element of darkness – the continual movement – the cycle of youth and old age – of turmoil and wisdom. The picture does capture so much of life!

  5. Encore un sans faute !!! je suis jaloux de vos portraits !!
    J’aime l’expression et le n&b de votre cliché !! une belle réussite !!
    Bravo et bon week end

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