Tribal Woman

Portrait of a paniya woman with a large ear plug from Wayanad
Paniya Woman | Wayanad, Kerala, India

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112 Replies to “Tribal Woman”

  1. Wonderful portrait with great lighting. She’s got lovely earrings and curly hear and I love the way life has left it’s marks on her face, a strong portrait!

  2. Good snap. I went to wayanad this Diwali, saw the people from Paniya tribe.

    One of my friend lives in Wayanad. His house is in Kerala whereas his well and the stable is in Tamil Nadu. He lives in Wayanad border. It is a place worth seeing.

  3. Even when I so well learned what to expect from your photos, I still am surprised by the quality of the skin tones and the precision of your captures. But most of all I very much like the way in which each image strongly radiates emotion. One can almost believe to be able to read the mind of the model. Congratulations.

  4. Nicely captured. Dull background, adequate lighting completely detailed out what it actually has to. Can’t recognize and identify the emerging emotions from the woman; after all, it’s for which the entire world has been striving for thousands of years.
    Joshi..! Every of your portraits has been making me non oscillatory for a while. Great piece of work as usual, kudos!

  5. Wow, awesome portrait. The details are beautiful. The deep lines in her face and her look make this image very intriguing. Well done. Also technically a good image.

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