Paniya Woman

Portrait of a paniya woman with ear plug made of manjadikkuru (circassian seed)
Paniya Woman | Wayanad, Kerala, India

A Paniya woman with ear plug made of manjadikkuru (Circassian seed).

A majority of the adivasis (tribal communities) that reside in Wayanad District of Kerala belong to the Paniya tribe. The word ‘Paniyan’ means ‘worker’. The women of Paniya tribe are characterized by their large ear plugs and broad noses.

92 Replies to “Paniya Woman”

  1. ::::::: its really really. Different kind of images n work… I have ever seen in lyk…
    This is all unknowing to many ppls be4 ur touch.. But now after ur vision… Its known to ALL…..
    HATTTTsss OFFFFFF……:::::::

  2. So interesting how different tribes are characterized by different things..and that this tribe has the ear plugs. Wonderful portrait. Such gorgeous colors!!!!

  3. बहुत ही सुंदर फोटो जोशी जी ,कमाल की फोटोग्राफी है जी
    ऐसा जैसे कान में यूरेनियम का एक परमाणु और गले में श्रृखला अभिक्रिया चल रही हो जी
    आभार इतना सुंदर वैज्ञानिक चित्र साँझा करने के लिए

  4. Its funny how something so simple and what many would say cheap as those ear rings(plugs, if you like ) can stand out …..She doesn’t seem pensive rather contemplating something, hopefully pleasant…Your portraits are different …make one see special out of the ordinary. :)

  5. very nice indeed, its amazing to see how these people have managed and are still living with so much peace and happiness without interference from the so called modern world.. these was this program th other day on tele i was watching , very impressive …


  6. another inclusion to your variety of faces and travel documentary :) from street to travel photography bringing something new always and yeah new info too…. way to go:)

  7. The number of beads show the wealth and status of a person in Indian tribes…just like in those of Africa…So now we know where we came from…where human life in India came from.

  8. She could easily fit into the crowd of any metropolis with ‘jewelry’ like that, yet she lives a completely different life. I love how you captured her and reminds us of how much in common we all have.

  9. this is not the real kerala….dont think that all the people in kerala is like this….i am a keralite..but i have not seen these king of people in my life…beautiful pic..very colourfull.

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