A biker standing near his royal enfield classic 350 enjoying a solitary moment
Anuroop Nair | Vizhinjam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

113 Replies to “Solitude”

  1. awesome sky … and a very nice feel to this image :D as always rocking u .. next time pose something like dis for me hehehe :P

  2. Such a dramatic sky and a cool ride, I ordered one to be built up as per new, when I was there, but unfortunately events quickly changed and I left before I could ever pick it up

  3. तन्हाई के बादल फिर छा गए हैं दिल पे …
    आज फिर बूँद बूँद बरस रही है उदासी …. :(

  4. Hello Daniel,

    I am Malvika. (You have read and appreciated my blog a couple of times recently). I checked the website for contact details but could not find any, so I am contacting you here.

    This is about a friend who has been considering getting a portfolio done for a long time now. She is very capable of becoming a model in the fashion industry.
    Since its been a real long time, I thought I could fasten the process.

    Is there a number she can call you on? It may sound very crude but I really needed to know the cost that’ll be incurred by her.

    Sorry again for discussing this here. As I said, I could not find any details on your website. I don’t even know if you are open to such assignments.

    Thank you for reading.


  5. Hey Daniel !! This is an awesome picture. Moreover this bike is very close to my heart, I have booked the same bike and waiting for it, will get in Dec mid.

    On photography you are far ahead to comment on your work. Keep up the great work.


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