Chuvanna Thadi (Red Beard)

Chuvanna thadi (red beard) make-up of dussasana in kathakali
Dushasana | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Chuvanna Thadi (Red Beard) make-up is given to aggressive and demoniac characters like Baali, Kaalakeya, Sugriiva, and Dushasana. The entire face is painted red and a thick patch of black is provided around the eyes. Lips are also painted black.

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94 Replies to “Chuvanna Thadi (Red Beard)”

  1. kind of scary .. but den i guess he is suppose to look scary :) very vivid colors … and cool angle …. btw when u had page numbers it looked cool ….

  2. Red and white is always a good combination. But, what also matters are various other factors, such as lighting, background and the subject itself. In order to get the perfect shot… all the above mentioned factors (and many others too) need to be in perfect tandem and in this particular photograph they are! So, my inference of the this piece of art: BOLD, VIBRANT and ARTISTICALLY DEVILISH!

    Love you Danny…… :)

  3. I bumped at your blog through indiblogger. I must tell you, I have become a fan of your brilliant photography. I especially like this one – it reminds me of the good old times in Kerala when Katha Kali and Chakkiar Koothu were part and parcel of every Keralite’s life. Alas! these have become dying art forms now :(

  4. Altho I understand there is tradition and ritual and meaning behind this ‘mask’…I’ve gotta say – it’s one of the most beautiful and artistic I’ve ever seen. Wonderful image!

  5. I admire this art of mask making, it’s so amazing how you can create an expression using the perfect color combinations like this set of intense red, black and white. This type of mask making is marking humanity throughout the whole world and is so impressive! Nice shot !

  6. I wonder if all countries have a “native” or indigenous aspect where such decoration is prevalent, Joshi. This reminds me a bit of our Native Americans in their dress-up mode.

  7. loved his expression,his make up and also dos redness in his eyes such beautiful depiction of his dusssasan….teriffic image

  8. Stupefied!!
    The colour combination surely does give the impression and the lighting in this case helps in highlighting even more. As a dancer, I realize myself how imp these factors are. Your Kathakali series as surely give a lot of insight in this art form and its surely inspiring me to do more of similar stuff for Odissi.

  9. Hi, I remember watching the Kathakali perfomances on T.V long back…The efforts (the face painting) involved used to fascinate me…Pity its a dying art.
    Thanks for the happy memories.

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