Devilish portrait of Om Prakash Varma
Om Prakash Varma | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

171 Replies to “Devilish”

  1. Geez, this is SO strong i really feel frightened – your light is gorgeous and the textures so real. Brrrrrrrrrrr – sorry i leave at once (but bravo !)

  2. I’m glad I’m looking in daytime and not just before going to bed! ;)
    This is really awesome Joshi, very creepy, a great angle and fantastic light!

  3. I am no more to leave a comment… What a shot buddy !! Once again splendid light effect… Really Devilish… The real human….

  4. super concept and Om has brought out the devilish act superbly … well done dearie … i want to shoot Om too :P hehehe

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