Devilish portrait of Om Prakash Varma
Om Prakash Varma | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

171 Replies to “Devilish”

  1. Man!!! I bow to you… Some really awesome pics… You really have a very very good talent for this… I am not one who usually exaggerates but the images really left me speechless. Bookmarked for coming back to future!

  2. Oui vraiment impressionnant !!!
    Un portrait inhabituel et puissant !!
    Du très beau travail tant sur les tons que sur la lumière et l’angle de prise de vue !!
    Du travail de pro , j’adore !!

  3. Your work is something FANTASTIC!

    And this me just doing a quick run through your fantastic ”awesome’s”.
    I had to do a proper marked one on this particular piece… forgive my randomness for time seldom allows me to visit pages such as yours and take their marvel in at leisure…

  4. Which camera is this??? hazzel blad or leaf ????? and help me out with a camera which i can buy for hobby users & a semi professional digital camera?? hw abt canon powershot sx30 is ?

  5. voilà un moment que je n’étais venu feuilleter vos pages.
    vous faites vraiment de beaux portrait, mais celui-ci, particulièrement, quelle puissance …

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