Wide-eyed portrait of a young boy from Worli in Mumbai
Young boy | Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

78 Replies to “Wide-eyed”

  1. Those eyes…… Captivating, intense and speak volumes…… Makes me wanna stop and think how I can help! Very well taken Danny! Very well taken! :)

  2. a momentary distraction from the overpowering sensation of hunger, discomfort and pain…that’s what it tells me…the baby was distracted from his needs for just a few moments…but that has not wiped out the sadness from the eyes. A Powerful and stirring picture

  3. Beautiful portrait! I like the way he’s looking up at that as if he’s asking for help with those huge beautiful eyes. Strong emotional image Joshi!

  4. he is so cute … eyes do speak volumes but that face holds my attention .. he is gonna grow up as one handsome dude :)
    btw ur pics always remind us there is altogether a different side of life.. the harsh side ..

  5. joshi nintey cheruthiley olla photo polundu
    by the way photosintey quality marunnudu .. ini oru portfolio edukkanam calender aakan

  6. It’s a great portrait. However, did you take permission from the kid’s guardian before clicking it? There is a thin line between connecting with the subject, understanding what they are feeling, and then portraying in in a picture.

    What are you trying to portray here? How much time did you spend with him before you clicked this picture? Can you explain what he was feeling at that moment?

    Just some food for soul!

  7. Wow, iam really feeling like hugging him and say him that you are secured… wish i should do that, something says me that i should hear your voice – Hats off man your pictures are lively and touching – Images of People Smilesssssssssssssss

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