I am what I am

Female fine art nude
Nude | India

82 Replies to “I am what I am”

  1. congrats on ur 100th post.. the pic has 100 percent unforgettable effect ( u know what i mean :P) …. wish you success

  2. Great pic. The words seductive and sensuous were made for photos like these. Good job.

    By the way have you taken any food shots? Would love to see them

  3. Like the image a lot. It’s such a delicate way to putting together image, a little more and you spoil the entire look and it becomes worthless.

    Wonderful shot.

  4. Voluptous…yummy

    Gettin to the artistic part…very good…could have been bit more classy when comparing with your other fotographs

    Anyways will love to see the face too :P

  5. This makes me smile tenderly : thanks for the way you look at women, all kind of women and this one is superb because she’s real !

  6. oooo! I am impressed by the colur tones, or the posture or the photographer – I dont know… but i can keep looking at the picture for ages. Well Done

    PS: I discovered that we studied in the same school, i guess I left by the time u joined. huh! such a small world

  7. hey lovely soft pic though nude…i love d way u tak nude pics of women u never mak it luk vulgar!!!
    i would lik to c u taking nude male pic tooo!!!!

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