In agony

Hands of an old man in agony from Andheri station in Mumbai
Wrinkled palms | Andheri station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

101 Replies to “In agony”

  1. Every time u post a pic of hands .. its one master piece!! this one is so touching… the lines in those hands speaking thousand words .. kudos to a perfect and meaningful shot :)

  2. Awesome Danny! Those hands…… Those lines that have helped make or break his destiny through the years…… and…… Those wrinkles……
    Well done. Need I say more? :) :) :) :) :) :)

  3. He should be enjoying the last years of his life in stead of begging for his food … so sad to see, but such a great capture. Time has left some beautiful texture on his hands.

  4. Wow it is like replica of damaged earth without proper rain and water – famine = wonderful Joshi

  5. Joshi,
    Astonishing piece…
    Most of d people doesnt know when to go for a black and white. Yours simply uses the light to tell the story!!!

  6. wonderful image!
    Indeed the lines speak a lot.

    PS reminds me of the classic ‘Reclaim your life’ commercial for Tata Safari Dicor.

  7. Oh My…parchment hands with a whole life to tell! Great capture and light! B&W is the right choice for such an impressive story to tell!

  8. This is the pic that has moved me the MOST so far. Well, apart from that ward winning pic of the journalists’ with the vulture waiting by the boy!

    Hats off to your for seeing what everyone else fails to see.

  9. Goes without saying these hands speak volumes, but a very silent and powerful story that millions live throughout the day and have experienced for ages. Beautiful execution; could not expect less from you.

  10. beautiful shot. my only problem is the title “in agony”. the title should be more ambiguous as to let the viewer determine the man’s emotions. the picture should not be influenced by it’s title.

  11. We say by time even the biggest rock obliterate under the flowing water… but here with the age the lines go hard on hands… a fact with a brilliant pic…

  12. OMG.. there are pictures and there are pictures and then there are your pictures.. beautiful and insightful.

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