Lost in thought

Lost in thought black and white portrait of Azhath Rushdy
Azhath Rushdy | OldTown White Coffee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

74 Replies to “Lost in thought”

  1. ha ha ha .. Ashik he paid me for that pose hehehe:P btw the ugly me kinda look ok in this :P … jushiiiiiiiiiiiiii u even have a link to my flickr.. sweet :) it shud have been more like a link to ur portrait i have in my flickr photostream:P

  2. You are an inspiration to someone like me who loves photography..

    Awesome. WOuld love to learn a few tricks of trade ;)

  3. We all can relate to this feeling, and the movement felt with her straw, lost in her thoughts – a very moving moment, so realistic & dreamy too*

  4. i dont know who i am either, so dont ask me,
    but this is a really pretty girl, wish i cud hav her contacts..looks so graceful n womanly n wonderful . see how the ear rings shine, n her pitch black hair n the blurred shiny edge. pretty woman + good photographer = wonderful picture

  5. dude u r one lucky guy, i must say that i am jealous of u. cuz u r such a good photographer (wich i am not) n u get to sit wit pretty ladies like this. nice capture dude.. u must have sum really stable hands to capture this delicate n graceful moment of the wonderful lady frnd. :p

  6. Looks more like “where’s the fly that drowned?” concentration! :D :D

    But to be frank, not in the league of your other pics! :(

    Is this the same azhath who was in bvb???

  7. Oh soft dreamy effect – oh although she is not tht soft and dreamy in reality but the photo has alteast brought that innocence … awesome man :D

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