A warm smile

Portrait of an old man with a warm smile from Bhuleshwar in Mumbai
Smiling old man | Bhuleshwar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

75 Replies to “A warm smile”

  1. oopsie clicked submit accidentally. What i meant is, most of your portraits relied on the subject’s eyes for the awesomeness. This one manages to be awesome without doing so :). Great shot.

  2. Your collection of smiles & looks is amazing. Different angles, different highlights, yet every one of these pictures conveys so much more than words.

  3. title suits :D … warm smile …. contrasting background is cool :P assuming its a young gal in background:P ..

  4. Your blog is a tapestry of human emotions – sensitive, touching, haunting and deeply profound. All one picture at a time. A visual poetry in progress..

    This reminds me of :
    Woh chehre ki jhuriyon mein sadiyon ka phera

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