Hope in those shiny eyes

Portrait of a young boy from a street in Mumbai
Young boy | Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

80 Replies to “Hope in those shiny eyes”

  1. day by day ur street photography seems to be touching a quality thats unmeasurable…. love the eyes and that expression … very cute boy .. hope his future brightens up like the glow in his eyes.

  2. Same said. Hope that kid sees a better life then most that grow up on the streets. Excellent photography capturing his story from his expressions.

  3. Half-toothed grin, wrinkles on the nose, dazzling sunlight on the right side, everything in this photo is mesmerizing.

  4. A sweet child,nice picture !!

    Hope….I think that`s the most beautiful word in the world :)

    Have a nice day.

  5. He looks like a survivor and I hope his eyes will keep on shining, lovely portrait Joshi! Thanks for asking, our visarun went perfect!

  6. Oh Josh! u have no idea how much i love this pic… I have fallen for u, the pic and the spark in that little boy’s eyes. I wish i could give two big hugs to that boy and his photographer…

    PS: I have voted for u..

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