Chris Pfeiffer in action

Chris Pfeiffer doing a wheelie on his BMW F 800 R during the redbull chris pfeiffer India tour in Mumbai
Chris Pfeiffer | Inorbit mall, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

4-times World Stunt Riding Champion Chris Pfeiffer doing a wheelie on his BMW F 800 R during the RedBull Chris Pfeiffer India Tour in Inorbit mall, Mumbai.

70 Replies to “Chris Pfeiffer in action”

  1. Superb! What a perfect pose, clicked at the perfect moment! Well done Danny! Your work rocks! Muwah! :)

  2. superb shot and lovely timing… must have had a gud time being there and watching the thrilling action..

  3. Budy do send more picks ,, plz.. i was nt abe to go..

    Ghost Ryders performing with CRIS at Hydrabad…

  4. Wonderful timing for this shot, I remember doing this many years ago on a motorcross bike, but on that beast of a bike and all the other stunts he pulls is pretty amazing

  5. Excellent capture of the action.. Chris’ show was in Chennai as well, but unfortunately could not get the action, as I was not in town.
    Nice capture of the action here..

  6. Awesome action photo, i like it!
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