Traditional ear cleaner

A traditional ear cleaner at work in streets of Bandra in Mumbai
Ear cleaner | Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A professional ear cleaner at work. These guys charge Rs.10 to clean the ears and it’s said that it gives immense pleasure.

79 Replies to “Traditional ear cleaner”

  1. hahahaa ,,, immense pleasure eh?? should try that out :P but the guy doesnt seem like he is getting any pleasure :P:P
    didnt know there were jobs as ear cleaners…. told you, you always bring something different altogether .. good job.. keep hunting:P:P

  2. Yes, it’s very real!!! Some people are plagued with EXCESSIVE ear wax that it cakes up to the point where they can’t hear and even causes major ear aches! I know because it’s happened to me several times! I usually have to go to my primary care doctor to have his nurse flush it out. If you do a search on the web for “ear wax removal” you’ll see that some people even go to some extremes to clean their ears by burning candles in them!

  3. Love how you furnish an intriguing window in your world and culture, Joshi. Color, texture, and content remind me so much of those National Geographic shots I grew up contemplating as a child.

    I have a good time having my ears cleaned, but that’s by me. Can’t imagine having someone do that for me.

  4. Really, I have never before seen ear-cleaners… I guess they had a roaring job before ear buds came into existence.
    Trust your blog to always showcase different and interesting aspects of our society :)

  5. WoW!!
    Its rare ..i swear this is the first i have seen till now, beautiful portrait.
    Good blend of colors.
    I haven’t seen this in my city, if i see i’ll upload too.

    A Classy Shot..!!


  6. I’ve always found this a very interesting ‘street show’ to watch, but when I see those instruments it looks like torture ;) A great shot and I like the high contrast and the orange color of his scarf.

  7. Such a great shot of the ear cleaner at work, I remember seeing this when I was living in the region was quite amazed and perhaps surprised when I first saw it

  8. Fantastic shot! Reminds me to my travel to india when an ear cleaner was at my ear before I even realized what was happening.

  9. Great street photograph. I like how the chief protagonist is highlighted, fluorescent turban and all.

    For those planning to undergo a session: This could be a free ticket to AIDS.

  10. I remember, once I cleaned my ear from them. It was so good that I felt that everyone was using microphones. I was in the midst of noises after this and that was one scary day for me. After that, I have always used cotton buds and never bothered to clean my ears again. :P

    And yes, a very well captured photograph.

  11. Great pic. I had mine cleaned once at surat station. when they start ,they take out a stone from ur ear and say , There are stones in your ear, and per stone charge would be 10 r.s. extra.
    my bill went to 100r.s.
    they do some mischief and you have to pay up.

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