In her own world

Portrait of a cute girl from Parel, Mumbai
Cute little girl | Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This cutie is one among the homeless in Mumbai. But she was in a world of her own and it was a pleasure to watch her play and wave the leaves she had in hand while I took this image.

220 Replies to “In her own world”

  1. It’s a lovely portrait Joshi, just hope she eventually ends up with a better life. Poor little poppet, she only looks about a year older than my daughter. Beautifully & sensitively captured.

  2. lovely portrait…. your nature of exploring the reality of life and portraying them through your blog is marvelous .. she is a beauty and captivates attention.

  3. gud 1!!! she seems to b wondering who is d 1 interested in cliking my pic!!! her eyes r too beautiful & highly expressive too…..well captured

  4. Her face is so heart wrenching!!! This pic speaks thousand words …!!! Amazingly deep black innocent eyes!!! And what a capture!!! Kudos buddy… great effort!!!

  5. I saw a lot of homeless children in India and it breaks my heart to see them, there’s so little you can do. This photo is better than a thousands words, beautiful capture of this lovely little girl.

  6. Her eyes catch us and we can’t move, just stare back at the cutie – and the blurry colors are so vivid, they seem like a metaphor of her throbbing lil’heart. Very captivating image, Joshi…

  7. Love how she looks at you, so innocently, eyes wide opened in her world as you wrote. You caught those eyes in a nice movement, in her life in action, just a great portrait !!!

  8. Normaly I do not like this kindof perspective shooting childs, small humans ;). But seeing this moment, captured so fine, makes me think about new ways, new angles and some focal lenght. My friend, you did it – really amazing!

  9. it pains my heart that she’s living the streets alone… don’t know what to say really. it’s a great shot though and her eyes and face are just too cute.

  10. Very intense picture. This child is little older than my God child. I guess this is one of those days, it brought tears to my eyes. I have been dreaming big dreams of my little angle and here this child makes me think… will she ever have a safe place to sleep, a belly full or see a school…

    I am wondering did you just take the picture or paid her for her pose? My humble suggestion is to buy the child something they would like to eat and be with them while they eat. Usually kids ask for ice cream or what ever goodies the vendors around are selling. I have seen if you leave the child with the food, he/she is so excited that they run to show it to their friends and the older kids snatch it from them.


    Desi Girl

  11. no matter where they are placed in life kids live in their own beautiful world. thats the best part about childhood – your photograph really captures the essence of that.

  12. OMG!! the nose ring looks so cute on the kid! :) …very cute!and some deep emotions in eyes hte child’s nose flowing..? probably she was crying?

  13. dear joshi ji, you have already a long list of admirers for your great nothing new to add.if more thanphotograohy was the idea,then human factor has done its part.

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