Heading home

A villager heading back home after grazing cattle in Malavli in Maharashtra
Cattle grazing | Malavli, Pune, Maharashtra, India

84 Replies to “Heading home”

  1. heading home after a hard day of work??? sometimes it seems so unfair some people work so hard a small income… but i guess thats part of life and the man looks contented to head back…. well taken shot.. like the scenery and lighting…..

  2. That light ! A de/light, over the back of the beasts and i love the pace, so light in another sense, of the man, and the layers of beauty till the horizon… So peaceful (especially for a parisian gal ;) Have a good day dear*

  3. Lovely… twilight and the mountains make it look peaceful.
    Looking at the cow herd and his posture… it talks of a relaxed life without sorrows.

  4. WOW! never thought I’ll call a group of buffalo as “beautiful”!!!! You just make it all possible……..I mean I sincerely believe that photography is god gifted….to me its equivalent to a super powers!

  5. Nice shot.

    You stay in Pune !! I am in kothrud…

    Let me know if we could meet up…meet for a coffee..talk over and learn a few things from you ;)

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