Naga Sadhu

Black and white portrait of a naga sadhu from Kumbh Mela 2010 in Haridwar
Naga Sadhu | Kumbh Mela | Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

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160 Replies to “Naga Sadhu”

  1. woww…another superb shot!!!! beautifull
    d way d pic is shot…d eyes..d darkness of d face..d light…everything is perfect

  2. Promise me when you come to Paris, you call me and i offer you a drink or lunch to chit-chat photo together. Just love your work, and your sensitive eye, Joshi. Another beautiful image (love how he gently bursts out of the dark) with so much soul.

  3. Really liked the frame…the black and white adds so much to the details of the naga sadhus face….kumbh is indeed a photographer’s paradise…:) looking forward to more…

  4. Wonderful and strong portrait. The darkness suits this portrait very well, and makes it more interesting.
    Great black and white tones, that highlights the life and mystery of this man.
    Excellent work!

  5. Terrific! Lighting is amazing.

    I can only dream of Portraits like this for now, hope i come up with shots like this some day ;-)

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance, your feedback will be helpfull

    Have a nice weekend

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  7. This is a picture that shows great detail. Love the display of emotion in the picture. When in black and white, it looks artistic and emphasis the emotion involved even more. In the picture, he looks like he is thinking, a philosopher. Fantastic display of culture from your country.

    Thanks for the information about Naga Sadhu. I’ve never heard about them until you told me. Wonderful knowledge to add on for myself.

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