Do I look curious?

Portrait of the curious looking baby Pritha Thapa
Pritha Thapa | Pune, Maharashtra, India

155 Replies to “Do I look curious?”

  1. did she want to smash ur camera??? she looks curious enough to do that…hehe lovely portrait of a cute girl…. love that look she is giving u.. :D

  2. ofcozz she luks curious!!!! I wonder wats she is so much curious abt!!!! she luks lik inteligent child to me!!!! reminds me of the saying dat “curiiousity is the fuel to development of a child” lovely pic

  3. curisous yes as if putting lot many questions through her beautiful pair of eyes… ooooooo u r shoooo sweet baby.

  4. Cute & curious, with the world reflecting in his young eyes – you are so good in taking portraits & give a feeling to each

  5. oh..! This is soooo beautiful. Love the way rest of the image looks blurred except for those awesome beautiful eyes.

  6. Wow…looking at your photos I feel like getting a portfolio of my son done from you!! :)

    You’re brilliant..!!

    Do visit my blog sometime…

  7. The eyes does it all :)
    A wonderful, sweet and tender portrait! We must say it was “easier” to look at than the previous one, all though both are great – in their own way!

  8. Haughtiness titles him who marries well with the photo,
    I like his glance, as it is beautiful this baby
    Beautiful portrait Daniel
    The good end of day
    Kiss and good week

  9. Lovely picture mate! Cute model! All details of her face have been highlighted in the picture. Good show mate!

  10. Such a small body and an even smaller mind. Yet, the eyes are larger than the ocean itself and say so much without a single word being uttered!!!
    Sigh…… when will we adults learn? :)

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