Haunting look

Black and white portrait of a man from the streets of Haridwar, India
A man’s eyes | Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

97 Replies to “Haunting look”

  1. Danny your work is superb and your love and passion for photography shines through like the flame of a candle on a pitch black night……

  2. My God, that is a stunning portrait! You have such an ability to capture from unusual angles that add another dimension to an already extraordinary photo.

  3. Hey ur b/w portraits r simply superb…every new pic luks better dan previous one!!!
    dis one too awesom pic!!! u really have nice selection of subjects too!!! ur b/w portraits end up capturing deir soul which gets reflected in d pic !!!!

  4. somehow this pic is really touching… that look he is giving…. dun know how u managed to get that expression… amazing dearie:)

  5. i’ve seen it since you’ve posted on facebook, but i didn’t had the time to comment at that moment. but it sure hunted me to come back and do that :) so, target achieved. i like it a lot.

  6. Terrific!! An outstanding BW conversion but, the most important, an expression that takes the breath away. I would like to know more about this man. Its seems a blind man.

  7. Wow! What an amazing eyes he have… a little frightning I would say! But the portrait is beautiful.

    BTW, I’ve just voted for you on the Photoblog Awards! Goodl Luck ;)

  8. Impressing this portrait and very mysterious at once, magnificent composition
    I hope that you pass good week, and that everything is well, kiss and the good beginning of evening Daniel

  9. This is a winner pic Dan’ …. Donno why but you are coming out with newer gems after another…. The feelings are painful… however I didn’t find it haunting tho’….. wonderful! Keep it up!

  10. hey, buddy i surrefing through google images and i found this image in your profile.. i couldn’t hold myself to leave a comment here on this image..

  11. actually, i am from haridwar(india).. and i tell you, this man was a beggar who used to come every at the door of my house and i am remembered i used to give him 1 rupee(i was a little child at that time and i couldn’t give more than that;P) everyday in his begging bowl..

  12. this poor man was half lamed but was able to walk on his own legs.. his condition was really pity..

    but i tell you one thing:

  13. ..the way you caught him in your picture is superb, awesome, beautiful, wonderful.. and really haunted.. you made me remember him..
    you are awesome and your photography is even more.. excellent..

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