Black and white female fine art nude
Nude | India

89 Replies to “Untouched”

  1. Nice work.. Very artistic shot for sure! It might be good to add the photo information too… amateurs like me get a chance to learn and experiment from you :)

  2. Brother shld i really comment on this.. Is that necessary to comment on every pick u take.. U R D BEST

    DA AWSOM…………… every pick is getteing better that the previous one…..

  3. The first thing that came to my mind was creamy, don’t know why, maybe because of the curves or color toning. Beautiful and sensual capture!

  4. Joshi! This is so beautiful and elegantly soft, gentle, and create very cool forms and shapes as our eyes evaluates the image! Well done. ** Different from many nude portraits I have seen!

  5. Oh my God…here comes one more nude pic after a long……. time!!!! yet superb!! grt work!!!! at first i had to luk again and again to understand d pic and ended up more and more mesmerized by d whole idea, pose and her *___* (u know wat)…anyways mast pic hai

  6. Thats a really brave capture – but so impressive. i think it’s a little bit to bright, but the motive speaks a selcontained language. ^^

  7. i took a long look……then was trying to understand…….think i’m not too bright at this…..but yea..the pic is beautiful…….yea, beautiful not sexy or something else…….it has that kind of feel…..

  8. I am not a big photographer or have knowledge in photography so might be do not understand the hidden lines that all are commenting about. I like the way it is shot and Imagine the way it would be shot :)

    The picturization looks nice and the heading is interesting:)

  9. Hey man, I donno how to explain my feelings over this..
    This is the first time I am coming to your site, and u know what. I ended up going through all your snaps..
    “Alasyam…..”, thatz the soul of this photo.. :)

  10. like most, it took me sometime to get really get to the picture, but then a picture should always make one think. So many area in the picture to get entangaled. Loved it Daniel

  11. Ooh! Looks like a painting. the lines are perfect, your lighting magic may have done this trick.

  12. sensual and beautiful.. perfect posture and perfect curves… pretty much better than your last nude pic:) great job dearie ..

  13. I hope u remember in 8th Standard we had a book and saw a similar pic !!That was also B&W I guess @@@..Awesome brother !!keep up the gud wrk !!!

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