A touch with the sunny side of life

A lady relaxing after bath at Kovalam beach in Kerala, India
A woman at the beach | Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

59 Replies to “A touch with the sunny side of life”

  1. lights lights …. nature…waves……. beauty……..pure contentment….leisure… enjoyment…. its all dere… indeed sunny side of life ….perfect..

  2. Oh what a good shot! I realy feel the warm from the sun and all smells from the summertime. We have winter in Norway and 23 below zero at the moment…

  3. impressive! and somehow the woman on this pic reminds me of the old face from before?! really interesting and a bit scary. it could be her face “in old”, i guess….
    keep on rocking! great photos!!! :)

  4. To let go and be content to that which flows upon our personalized shores. Let us all be open to the waves that come our way.

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