A lady as sparkling as her eyes

A rose seller as sparkling as her eyes from Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India
Rose seller | Dadar Flower Market, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

79 Replies to “A lady as sparkling as her eyes”

  1. nice BW portrait.. like the angle u have shot the pic and the details…. n may b her eyes sparking at the sight of you:P .. did u do perform some weird act?? heheh :P

  2. Daniel, I’ve passed by the Dadar market so many times and, like millions of others, mostly thought of it as a filthy, smelly place to get out of as soon as possible.

    The other day, when I happened to drive by again, I was craning my neck to catch a glimpse of the flower ladies you shoot with so much enthusiasm!

  3. Well! being a part of this profession I’wd say as the picture is B&W its appealing but somewhere the inner depth is missing.

  4. Beautiful… and an interesting angle. If I may ask, how did you manage this angle… she is looking right into the camera but the shot is so very natural looking.

  5. The EYES! You have really captured the expression of that lady. The grittyness and the black and white adds more punch to the photo.


  6. Daniel – I saw this portrait of yours a few weeks ago when I visited your site for the first time and it stayed in my mind stuck – I’ve remembered this picture so many times. The expression, the lines on the face, the B&W tone and all things beyond that, that I cannot explain are just fabulous..

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