A moment of tranquility

A moment of tranquility of a buddhist nun in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala
Buddhist Nun | McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

74 Replies to “A moment of tranquility”

  1. a very nice pic pands… looks like a real moment of serenity and tranquility … wish i cud sit dere .. wud be a change to day dream to in a place like that.. hehheh….

    BTW …. love the light on her shoulder, assuming that its a she… :)

  2. Oh man, so clear and sharp, so colorful and impressive. Nothing left to say :D … greetings to the doggie man :D! Have an nice WE … Cheers ^^

  3. Pretty neat! Though some of your other work is sssoooo much nicer! But, hey! I love it all the same! You know that, right??? :)

  4. When we truly come to rest, we find a stillness that awakens the heart.

    It looks as if he is a monk who has seen his face and reflection in the Nature that surrounds him. When we see ourselves in everything, then we have discovered a greater aspect of the true self.

  5. Sunshine, Moksha and Dharma blends well in your photography. Freedom of mind is depicted with outmost sincerity in your pictures. Colors are mingling well with the background. There is poetry in your photography.

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