Flower seller from Mumbai

A rose seller with a bunch of red roses from Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India
Rose seller | Dadar Flower Market, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A smile to make your New Year delightful, a rose to make it relish, a bouquet to embrace the freshness of the coming year. Happy New Year 2010!!!

73 Replies to “Flower seller from Mumbai”

  1. Daniel, It’s so real…… that’s what I truly love about ur work! I love photography and ur work makes it look so simple (though I can only imagine the hard work and patience you put in!) Well done! :)))

  2. Promise (well, if you want ! ;)) : if you come in Paris, we share a coffee ! Love your work and someone with that eye must be both human & friendly. Have a wonderful 2°1° and see you with your terrific work !

  3. thank uuuu for the warm n beautiful wishes… hope you have wonderful year of shooting images of people, creating more of your creative conceptualized pics and giving every visitor of your blog a reason to look forward to something new and special in your blog… have a wonderful year of photo blogging and wonderful year in every other aspect.. wishing you all the best in life and in all your endeavors:) keep smiling :) mwah :)

  4. The rose represents love and it is the bundle of roses that is in focus. Love is certainly in reach and can be pulled into our lives through our intentions to bring it to us, as this woman is accomplishing in the photo.

  5. Happy New Year!

    Your use of color and details shows through on all your photographs. I love the feel of them. Thanks for taking a peek at my aminus3. :)

  6. ur pic gives ur viewer lik me reason to smile…so in forthcoming year v hop dat u continue putting such great pics which wud make us smile..relish and enjoy ….so luking forward for many such wonderful pics…wishing u happy and wonderful new year and great pic in ur blog to begin d new year ….

  7. I dont believe these are just street shots. You are marvellos with potraits. Even you earlier image is as effective! Beautiful.

    Happy new year :)

  8. Totally love this place. Hope it’s the one near to the railway station below the bridge.

    Man I miss mumbai.

    Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

  9. Thank you for these splendid Roses that you offered to us I hope that you master keys also very a good start of year and that the days bring much Daniel happiness to you

    Thousand tenderness

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