A captivating glance

Captivating eyes of a banana seller from the streets of Mumbai, India
Banana Seller | Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

81 Replies to “A captivating glance”

  1. Yes, it looks like he can be a hypnotist, drawing you into his world where he could truly show us the magic we experience in life. His eyes are like crystals or gems and are a gateway to much wisdom.

  2. Your work is fantastic. It reminded me right away of the work of Steve McCurry, the Magnum photographer whose work in Afghanistan is recalled by many. He’s also a cousin, though distant.

    That is not to say your work does not contain a genius all its own. It does. You really capture people, and I appreciate that. Your photos put me in the room, and that amazes me.

    Keep us the wonderful sharing.


  3. Very good and happy year 2010, that this year you aopporte joy, health, happiness, prosperity and much of Love ♥ Daniel.

    I was and I am always very glad to have known you, I hope that with time one will know oneself better and that our friendship will be widened, large kisses and at the next year.

  4. Dropping by to wish you a Happy (upcoming) New Year! :)
    Wanted to thank you for a year of great photos and your supporting comments on my blog.
    Have a great 2010!

  5. Hello Joshi,
    Tomorrow in the early evening (around 19:30 local Amsterdam time) I like dedicate a post to your great photography on my blog with reference and credits to your website if that’s all right with you.


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