Self-portrait holding rose

Self-portrait of joshi daniel holding a red rose
Self-Portrait | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

76 Replies to “Self-portrait holding rose”

  1. man Awsome.. pick,, hai thast ur hand right ..???

    Pretty good idea and beautiul, feel like an orunal card,da ..


  2. Tienes una capacidad especial para conseguir encuadres originales que siempre transmiten algo interesante. Muy buen trabajo. Saludos y felices fiestas.

    You have a special ability to get the original frames that always gives you something interesting. Very good work. Greetings and Happy Holidays. (This is an automatic translation, sorry for the misspelling.)

  3. Cuckoo, I hope that you passed a very merry Christmas and that the Father Christmas spoiled you: D in any case I wish it to you, therefore very good weekend with you large kisses

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. It’s quite incredible how the photographic community is turning the world in to a (cyber) village.

    Great post processing to this shot and a wonderful composition.

  5. You are gifted!
    With this picture, I caught myself singing, ‘Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back’, your pictures carry an entire story (Yes, you know that)…
    Confused should I call it Still poetry or poetry in motion! I saw the lover sneaking into the girl’s room through the window… maybe the father is still looking for him!

  6. You are gifted!
    Your pictures narrate an entire story (And Yes you do know that!)
    Here I saw the lover sneaking into his girlfriend’s room through the balcony, and I caught myself singing ‘ Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back’, maybe the father is still in the gardens and looking for him..
    I am confused, should I call this ‘still poetry’, or ‘poetry in motion’?

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