Life in wrinkles

Portrait of an old lady with wrinkles from Dharamsala, India
Old lady | McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

75 Replies to “Life in wrinkles”

  1. indeed life in wrinkles.. its like the wrinkles are curved out in her face… they also show sign of weariness.. nice work again PANDS!! :P

  2. superb picturization and great colours.

    Looks like the grandmother of a little boy in the malayalam movie “yodha”. The boy was called “unni kuttan” real name rimpoche.

    This photo reminded me of that boy and seem like his grandmother :)

    Anyway it was a pakka shot.

  3. He my friend, I’m so interested in some exifs for learn something about your technique – these colors fascinateing me. This must been a fine moment.

  4. Thank you for your small message it was a pleasure of reading it;) but also your cordial passage at home it was a pleasure too. You also you have a marvellous blog, I am into full charms vis-a-vis all your stereotypes in all sincerity it is great Art… Merci making us share your wonders;)

    It is enough surprising this portrait, very beautiful realization and composition, I like…

    Good week, kisses

  5. I have noticed that you pick subjects with a lot of detail in them…especially wrinkles! I also love the colour combination – the wine red and skin tone – which make up most of the picture. I think this one is face is best shot from the side, since her face contour are evidence for her age! Amazing!

  6. I really like the lighting and the contrast in the picture. Beautiful picture. I learn a lot from your photography.

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