Different destinations

People crossing road and going to different destinations in Churchgate, Mumbai, India
Walking on a crowded road | Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

49 Replies to “Different destinations”

  1. looks like everyone has a place to go , a destination in this hectic world….pretty cool street shot… something different from your usual momentary captures!! :P gud work dearie…

  2. Josh,
    Your blog is very unique and your photographs are awesome. I am going to visit Mumbai next year and it will be my first visit in over 25 years. I am looking forward to seeing some of these sights myself. Thank you.

  3. Very nicely planned, this shot! The tone over the whole scene has changed the usual bright green of the signal into a mixture which blends with the rest. Also notice, people from all walks of life (schoolboy, businessman, religions etc) are present in the scene. Sometimes, it looks like the green man is walking too! This picture really gives a feel of being in the scene. I can even hear the noise! Very well done!

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